Thursday, January 24, 2019

Artificial Kidney

What is Artificial Kidney made off?

Artificial kidney is made up of a semi-permeable membrane which allows only selected particles to pass through. This semi-permeable membrane filters out the waste materials and excess water from the blood.
Every dialyser/artificial kidney has 2 compartments, in one compartment blood flows whereas in other compartment electrolyte solution flows which we call as “Dialysate”.
The semi-permeable membrane keeps the 2 compartments apart. The membrane and the compartments are housed in a cylindrical plastic case which holds the artificial kidney together and forms pathways for blood and dialysate to flow in and out.
How does Artificial Kidney work?
During dialysis treatment, the patient’s blood with a high level of water and waste materials flows through the blood compartment. Dialysate an electrolyte solution flows through the dialysate compartment on the other side of the membrane. The semi-permeable membrane allows only selective particles to pass through it so the majority of excess water and waste materials from blood passes out into the dialysate and some healthy electrolytes and chemicals if needed will pass into the blood from dialysate through the semi-permeable membrane.
Artificial kidney is one heck of an invention which functions almost similar to the normal functioning kidney. Haemodialysis is a method for removing waste products such as creatinine and urea, as well as free water from the blood when the kidneys are in kidney failure. The mechanical device used to clean the patients blood is called a dialyser, also known as an artificial kidney.

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